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Duke of Devon Pub's Dinner Menu


Dinner Menu

The Duke of Devon
An English Pub & Eatery
Dinner Menu


Duke of Devon Mussels                            
Choose from our house curry or lager, mustard and bacon. 13.95  Add frites  3.00

East London Curry Chips                             
English style “french” fries smothered in Brick Lane curry sauce.  8.95

Clovelly Clam Strips                              
Lightly fried clam strips served with classic cocktail sauce.  8.95

Pot Roast Poutine
Our chips smothered in stout gravy, pot roast and local white cheddar cheese curds.  13.95

Artichoke Spinach Dip
Local Cheeses melted with Spinach, Artichokes and Garlic. Served with Pita Chips. 12.95

Scotch Egg                   
A taste to behold!  A hard boiled egg, wrapped in local Wisconsin sausage, lightly breaded
and fried.  Served with curry greens and branston pickle.  9.95

Picadilly Pita Pizza                                       
Grilled pita topped with herb goat cheese, greens, roasted seasonal vegetables, tomatoes and
grilled chicken breast. Finished with a sprinkle of Sartori aged goat cheese.  14.95  

O Hara’s Mushrooms on Toast                          
Local mushroom medley sautéed with O Hara’s stout and Hook’s Aged white cheddar. 11.95

Mac and Cheese with Bacon                        
Mac and cheese in a creamy blend of local cheeses, house smoked bacon and baked with a parmesan herb crust. 15.95 Without bacon. 13.95

Add marinated grilled Chicken or Shrimp to any salad for 5.00.

The Duke Salad                  
A simple salad of greens, cucumber, red onion, tomato and fennel.  Served with a curry cilantro dressing.  6.95

Asian Salad                   
Mixed greens with cabbage, carrots, cucumber, red pepper, red onion and toasted sesame seeds.  8.95
Served with Zesty Ginger Soy Vinaigrette.           

Roasted Vegetable Salad                          
Greens with fire roasted vegetables, avocado, tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, and local soft goat cheese. Served with a creamy herbed ranch dressing.  13.95

The Brit                             
Roasted beets, apples, Sartori aged goat cheese, purple onion and candied walnuts tossed
with mixed greens.  Served with cider vinaigrette.  

Wedge Salad
Grilled Romaine lettuce wedges with chunky blue cheese dressing, Spicy house smoked bacon, roasted garlic croutons, pickled red onion and tomato. 13.95


The Steak
8 oz. grilled grass fed Hanger Steak with a stout mushroom cream sauce, creamed spinach and house cut truffle chips. 28.95

Traditional English Fish & Chips  
An English Classic! Crispy battered haddock with chips and minted peas - don’t forget the malt vinegar!  14.95

Albert Square Bangers & Mash  
English sausages served over creamy mashed potatoes topped with onion gravy.  17.95

Stout Braised Pot Roast
Tender slow cooked grass fed Chuck Roast with a rich O’Hara’s stout and red wine gravy.
Served with horseradish and blue cheese mashed and root vegetable hash. 26.95

Dartmoor Cottage Pie  
Ground beef & root vegetables simmered in red wine and topped with mashed potatoes
and Irish cheddar. Served with a side of vegetables.  19.95

Churchill Crispy Chicken  
Lightly breaded chicken breast, pan seared and topped with lemon caper butter.
Served with Bombay potatoes.  21.95

Blackened Shrimp
Spicy wild caught shrimp in a tamarind and onion chutney with tomatoes and scallions. Topped with gingered cashews and mango yogurt.
Served with creamy masala spiced spinach and scented Basmati Rice. 25.95

Add mango chutney for $1

Chicken Curry:  
The Dukes secret curry recipe with chicken and vegetables served over basmati rice.  21.95

Vegetable Curry:  A vegetarian version of our curry.  17.95

Seafood Curry:  Shrimp, mussels, haddock and vegetables in a red curry broth with coconut milk.
Served over basmati rice.  23.95


The Union Jack Burger               
1/2 lb burger topped with onion chutney, Roth Käse Buttermilk Blue Cheese and Wisconsin bacon.  13.95

Empire Chicken Sandwich               
Grilled all natural chicken breast, Wisconsin bacon, avocado, Hook’s white cheddar, and chipotle mayo.  Served on Field to Fork rustic white bread.  13.95

Duchess Burger                
1/2 lb burger smothered with local mushroom medley and aged Hook’s white cheddar.
Served on Sheboygan Hard Roll.  13.95

Lynton Haddock Fish Sandwich              
Our classic fish and chip haddock served on a Sheboygan hard roll with lettuce and tomato.  11.95

Exmoor Lamb Burger  
Wisconsin Pinn Oak Ridge Farms lamb burger,  served in a pita and topped with feta cheese, tomato and greens.  Served with a side of cucumber yogurt dressing. 14.95         

Our Burgers are “Wisconsin Local Beef.”  100% Natural Grass Fed Beef!
There is a risk of  food borne illness when eating food of animal origin raw or undercooked.
*17% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more

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